One of my earliest memories

I have a very early childhood memory of sitting inside a large cardboard box looking at my father’s arm as he pointed at the television. […]

Honeysuckle Video Online…

After another camp at Honeysuckle Creek I just knew it was time to commemorate the famous landing on the Moon fifty years ago. Honeysuckle Video […]

Working hard

How lucky can you be? I worked on the main control console at Honeysuckle Creek tracking station for all the Apollo missions and beyond. The […]

Moon Walk in the Classroom

As a six year old I recall watching Neil Armstrong take that first step for mankind……. Living in country Victoria we were all herded into […]

When I was almost twelve

I’ve been a resident of Canberra since 1983, having grown up in Sydney. The day of the moon landing I was a student at Regents […]

Under Buzz

This sonnet retraces my memory of the first moon landing in 1969 together with a trip to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in […]