Just a primary school kid

I remember clearly the day humans first landed on the moon. I was 9 years old, in year 4, at a school in the city of Bathurst located in Central Western NSW. The whole school of about 200 students were gathered in the school hall in front of a small television screen (that’s all there was in those days). I don’t think any of us realised the enormity of what we were seeing, when the images first appeared on the screen. There had been no lead-up to the event, no lessons on space or space travel. Yet I think we all understood that this was one of those very important events which would change our lives for ever. To create a sense of perspective, the only other time we were gathered in the hall to watch TV was when the Melbourne Cup was running, so this had to be important! I am thankful 50 years on, that my teachers had the foresight to allow me to be involved in such a momentous event.

Deborah Armour