The Common Room

I was in Fourth Form (Year 10) at a boarding school in Bathurst and, I’m a bit vague on the time of day but, we were certainly in class at the time. One of the teachers decided it was time to go and see the Moon Landing on TV so we were told to go to our respective boarding houses to view the event on the common room television.
My memories of the event were largely about trying to decipher the grainy black and white images coming through but it soon became clear that we could see the moon surface, the leg of the lunar lander and very shortly after that, the famous words of Armstrong and the vision of the foot touching the moon.
Little of what happened afterwards and my memories of the impact that it had on us are cloudy but it remains one of those days alongside the Challenger disaster, The Dissmissal and 9/11 that are forever linked to a place and time.

Phil Armour