Too difficult to comprehend

In July 1969 I was teaching in a mission school in a remote part of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. This mission station at Lapalama had no road contact with the outside world and was serviced by a Mission Aviation Fellowship Cessna plane once or twice a week. I had a prep class of about 40 children, some of whom had come into Lapalama from even more remote areas so they could have an education. The children had limited English so I was needing to explain to them as simply as possible what was happening as we huddled around a small transistor radio. The weekly mission plane was a wonder to them, let alone the concept of someone walking on the moon. Through the 50 years that have followed some of those preps have gone on to do amazing things that they would never have dreamed possible as they sat, trying to grasp the wonder of a moon landing and someone walking on the moon.

Mission Teacher