The Eagle is on the Moon

The assembly hall is packed with kids. And there’s a few classes not even in there yet, so the spillover goes to the school foyer where we park our (barely adequate for Canberra winters) grey-serge-clad bottoms on grey linoleum. In the corner is a television roughly the size and shape of a 1998 iMac (though we did not know that then).

Excitement crackles between the teachers and their collective synapses, but it feels like a long time sitting on the cold lino until there’s some action. When the much-anticipated astronauts appear on the fuzzy grey screen and do their thing the relief amongst us all is a real thing.

The Eagle is on the Moon. And they’ve beaten the Ruskies to it!

The age of the Jetsons is no longer a cartoon fantasy. Surely, soon we will all be wearing jetpacks.

Lisa Brown